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(PDF) Revision of the occurrence of Rhinolophus euryale in the Carpathian region, Central Europe


The records of Rhinolophus euryale at the northernmost margin of its range in southern Slovakia and northern Hungary represent isolated spots of the species occurrence and together with the parts of the species range in Romania and Serbia are associated with helminthologia issn Carpathian mountain system. We revised distribution status of R.

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Analysis of roost types showed that attics of buildings nowadays represent The evidenced distances of movements were rather small range 0. Considering these results, based on evaluation of the banding data and on the data from simultaneous censuses both summer and winter colonies in some parts of this range Slovakia, Hungarywe estimate the abundance of R. Faunistics, roosts, recovery, banding data, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia The Mediterranean horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus euryale Blasius,is a typical bat of the ther- mo-Mediterranean zone of Europe.

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The species is distributed from northwestern Africa through most of southern Europe to the Middle East and the Caucasus. Southern and eastern limits of its distribution range lie in the Levant and Iran IbáñezHoráček et al.

Tudományos közlemények magyar, angol nyelven Bihari Z. Biosystematics and Ecology Series, Bleier N. Mammalian Biology, 73 Supplement 1 : 8. Illés G.

The northernmost margin of its range is found in southern Slovakia and northern Hungary, where isolated paraziták készítményei occur in separate karst areas Uhrin et al.

To these Central European parts of R.

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Romanian and Serbian spots of this range are represented by populations directly connected to the continuous south-European parts of the species range in the Balkans helminthologia issn Dalmatia Gaisler The Mediterranean horseshoe bat is considered a species under risk, with conservation sta- tus evaluated as near threatened or vulnerable on the global level Hutson et al.

Helminthologia issn evidence of population decrease has been observed in some parts of Europe; this is perhaps due to a high level of human pressure e. Brosset et al.

helminthologia issn

In the Carpathian part of its range, R. Topál Anyway, the species is listed among the most threatened mammals in almost all countries of its distribution range Stollmann et al.

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However, e. Considering these facts, a revision of distribution range of R. A detailed review of Rhinolophus euryale occurrence in the Carpathian region has been provided only for Slovakia so far Uhrin et al.

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helminthologia issn Although the data were quite intensively gathered also in all other Carpathian countries, their reviews remained unpublished e. PaunovićPaunović et al. However, these data were used as a basis for several publications generally presenting outlines helminthologia issn the species range with the help of various square mapping approaches on both European and national levels ValenciucIbáñezBoldogh d, Hanák et al.

This paper presents a summary of the occurrence of R.

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Such account can naturally give an opportunity to analyse possible intrinsic trends in these populations, which will be presented in a subsequent study. Material and Methods All available data, both published and original, on the occurrence of Rhinolophus helminthologia issn in four countries of its Carpathian range Helminthologia issn, Hungary, Romania, Serbia were gathered; these records cover the period from before till see Appendix.

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Field data were collected applying common bat research techniques, e. In the whole range under study, echolocation parameters of the species described from the core of the species range e.

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Besides these approaches, some records of the species originate also from the analysis of owl pellets. The complete database comprises more than 1, records of R. All records of R.

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To estimate extent of the species range in particular regions Fig.